About us

Our vision

Our vision is that Matton Jernberg will be a leading company within health, and medical care.

The same way you regurlarly check your teeth, we believe we can improve public health by regularly check the function of the spine.

"I go to the chiropractor at least once a year to feel good!"

Our business idea

Matton Jernberg is the way to better health and for a healthier life! With chiropractic as a basis, we are the best option for private customers, companies and insurance companies with first class service, communication and expertise. It creates both good results and a long-term customer relationship throughout the life.

Our core values


  • We as a company take responsibility for our patients
  • We take responsibility towards our colleagues and contribute to a positive work environment


  • We will appeal to the best employees in our area
  • We secure that we continuously develop our skills
  • We follow the research and adapt our methods accordingly


  • We strive for a lifelong commitment in the health of our patients
  • We are all engaged and involved in the company's development
  • We will inspire the patient to invest in their own health