Matton Jernberg is Sweden's a Chiropractor chain and has clinics around Stockholm

With us you will always find one of Sweden's most talented chiropractors with a solid 5-year college education. We continuously educate ourselves and always follow the latest research.

You can book your treatment at all of our clinics on the booking page.

The clinic at Sveavägen is centrally located in Sova Sängvaruhuset's premises

Sveavägen 76, 113 59 Stockholm

08-562 486 86

The clinic in Kungens Kurva is housed in Sova Sängvaruhuset's premises

Geometrivägen 1, 141 75 Kungens Kurva

08-562 486 88

The clinic in Barkarby is housed in Sova Sängvaruhuset's premises

Herrestavägen 30, 177 38 Järfälla 

08-562 486 83